Apr 16
Maisie B w/ guests
Front Bar - Free Entry
Apr 17
Aaron Thomas w/ guests
Front Bar - Free Entry
Apr 19
Teddy Mars, The Birds Are Spies, Sines
Free Entry
Apr 20
The Sundials, No Lemmin
Free Entry
Apr 20
Divebar Youth - PotionHead Launch w/Glowing, Sour Sob
Free Entry
Apr 21
Putt Putt Jam
w/ Stonegrill
Apr 22
LOLA Mums Favourite Cove Street The Munch The Vains Hofmann and the Cosmonauts
Apr 23
Mikaeli Stoker, Jack Paech, Lucinda Grace
Front Bar - Free Entry
Apr 24
Chasing Ghosts
Homelands Unplugged Tour
Apr 26
Sturt Ave, Junk Harmony, Hey Harriett
Free Entry
Apr 27
OK Hotel, Coldwave, Oscar The Wild
Free Entry
Apr 28
'Gasoline' Single Tour w/ Guests
Apr 29
'Low Noise/High Output' Album Launch
Apr 30
Angie Starr w/ guests
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 01
Ebony Emili w/ Finn Cameron (Colourblind + Glowing)
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 02
Cranker Comedy
May 03
Violet Harlot, Running With Scissors, LOLA
Free Entry
May 04
'War On Dole!' Debut Album Tour w/ WITCH SPIT + PITY LIPS
May 05
February Clouds
‘Since That Day’ Single Launch
May 06
Dilettantes, Brave Mistakes, Baby Candy
May 07
'Bleghssings In Disguise' Tour
May 08
Ebony Emili w/ Mum Friends
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 10
PASH, Loopole, Maisie
Free Entry
May 11
Australian Tour
May 12
May 13
May 14
L.R Marsh
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 15
Ebony Emili w/ Matt Holland (Purée)
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 17
Home Court, The Munch, No Lemmin
Free Entry
May 18
LUCI, C.H.O.P, Jump Over Fences
Free Entry
May 19
Harroway, 23/1, Alera, Catalyst, Vex, lumens, endless grey
May 20
Alright Psycho
Fear of Missing Out
May 21
Blindfolded and Led To The Woods (NZ)
May 22
Ebony Emili w/ Dan Holland (Busseys)
Front Bar - Free Entry
May 24
Hells Hoist, Toob Scoots, Dorkz, Pity Lips
Free Entry
May 26
May 27
'Time Will Tell' Tour
May 29
Ebony Emili w/ Blush
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 29
All She Wrote, The Yellow Wallpaper, Clover
Free Entry
Jun 30
Young Lions "Make a Rainbow and Put it in the Sky" Album Launch
w/ Choosing Sides
Jul 01
ALL IN 'What Remains' Album Launch
w/ Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, Frame, Bolt Cutter, Stressed
Jul 02
Jul 03
Josh Forner w/ Dieter Horvat
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 04
Cranker Comedy
Jul 05
The Genevieves, No Lemmin, Pink Duke
Free Entry
Jul 06
Chaotic Dischord (UK)
w/ Perdition, Chainsaw Preachers
Jul 07
Falcifer 'Everything is Dead'
w/ Vatic, Vilify
Jul 08
Sports Car ' What Leads You Here' EP Launch
w/Blush & Kurralta Park
Jul 09
Aaron Thomas w/guests
Front Bar Free Entry
Jul 10
Josh Forner w/ James Moor
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 11
Jul 12
Marion Mondays, Pirate Cowboy, The Closing
Free Entry
Jul 13
Looze Units, Fool's Idol, Baxtaber
Free Entry
Jul 14
'Stay Out Longer, While We Can' Tour
Jul 15
'Westside' Tour w/Special Guests
Jul 16
The Man Himself w/ Mark Curtis, Baby Mo
Front Bar - free entry
Jul 17
Josh Forner w/ Glenn Butcher
front bar-free entry
Jul 18
Cranker Comedy
Jul 19
On The Flip Side w/ Big Sloe, Thoma & the Humbugs, Lucas Day Band
Free Entry
Jul 20
Purple Zain, Startakit, Attachment Theory
Free entry
Jul 21
King Parrot
w/ Apocalyptic Annihilation, Choof, Swordfish Trombone
Jul 22
'Syrup' Tour w/Looch & The Munch
Jul 23
Stormy-Lou 'Eggshells' stripped back release
w/ Aleksiah, Lucinda Grace - front bar - free entry
Jul 24
Josh Forner w/ Katy Adam
front bar - free entry
Jul 26
Sons of Zoku, Buddy J Francis, Sam Page
free entry
Jul 27
"Tricennial of Blasphemy" Australian Tour
Jul 28
Oscar the Wild
'Unafraid' single launch w/ Blush & Stormy-Lou
Jul 29
'Deep As The Skin' Single Launch
Jul 30
Rory Biddell w/ Ella Ion, Jack Green
front bar - free entry
Jul 31
Josh Forner w/ Andrew Healey
front bar - free entry
Aug 01
Cranker Comedy
Aug 02
No Head, Dandy Buzzkills, No Lemmin
free entry
Aug 03
Ecdysis, Those Left Behind, Storm The Crown
free entry
Aug 04
Bones & Jones
w/ Coldwave, Ella Ion
Aug 05
Mark Turner w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Aug 05
Bec Stevens
'Big Worry' Tour w/ Sick Visor (VIC) & Pity Lips
Aug 07
tom redwood w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Aug 09
Choosing Sides, Agapanther, Baby Teeth
free entry
Aug 10
free entry
Aug 11
Headbore 'Chaos Unrelenting Tour'
w/ Flaming Wreckage, Remission, I Choose Violence, Endless Grey
Aug 12
Cheap-Skate 'Fly Away Tour'
w/ Lola, Pity Lips, Looch
Aug 13
Jump Over Fences w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Aug 14
tom redwood w/vic Conrad
free entry - front bar
Aug 15
cranker comedy
Aug 16
Maisie, pest control, tv therapy
free entry
Aug 17
steal capz 'grinder' single launch
w/ halftime oranges, loose units - free entry
Aug 18
alera 'cracks in the reflection room' tour
w/ headwreck, wolf & chain, rogue half
Aug 19
puree, indiago, stormy-lou
Aug 20
Emily grace w/ rainy Madeline
front bar - free entry
Aug 21
tom redwood w/Adam Geoffrey Cole
Aug 23
lily rose, looch, free drinks (the band)
free entry
Aug 24
not for humans, Wingfield, mellow yellow
free entry
Aug 25
dear Seattle
'nothing's stopping me now' tour w/ deadshowws // SOLD OUT
Aug 26
w/ the max headroom, Janine's favourite
Aug 27
Aaron Thomas
front bar - free entry
Aug 28
tom redwood w/sasha Conrad
front bar - free entry
Aug 30
the bitter ends, velvet void, swainsona
free entry
Aug 31
townhouse, stripes, Newgate crowd
free entry
Sep 01
sons of zoku, astro elevator, Maisie, violet harlot
Sep 02
'stadium dreams on a bedroom budget' ep launch w/ Molly rocket, looch
Sep 03
Dieter Horvat
front bar - free entry
Sep 04
quebec echo w/grace mensforth
front bar - free entry
Sep 05
cranker comedy
Sep 06
simple pleasures, sweet 16, halftime oranges
free entry
Sep 07
the Genevieves, Wakefield, flunker
free entry
Sep 08
papa m (USA) w/ a broken sail, Elizabeth prophet
Sep 09
cry club
'spite will save me' album tour w/eaglemont
Sep 10
bear phase w/ keeskea (solo), Blake ashlin
front bar - free entry
Sep 11
quebec echo w/eyrie
front bar - free entry
Sep 13
toob scoots, witch hunt, the munch
free entry
Sep 14
burning bridges, bitchspawn, moshpit girlfriend
free entry
Sep 15
'no conflict' tour w/ gush, blush
Sep 16
international talk like a pirate day
featuring captain hellfire and the wretched brethren, the Finns, TV therapy
Sep 17
atlvs, darkmatter
shadow dancer tour w/ relapse, exhuminator
Sep 18
quebec echo w/perfect 50
front bar - free entry
Sep 19
cranker comedy
Sep 20
nonnie, church moms, the Genevieves
free entry
Sep 21
The Cultured Pigeons, Pirate Cowboy, Lizard People
free entry
Sep 22
sleep talk, raccoon city, energy angel
free entry
Sep 23
lucid planet & khan
w/ oko, new life odyssey
Sep 24
grace mensforth w/guests
front bar - free entry
Sep 25
quebec echo w/ ella ion
front bar - free entry
Sep 27
mellow yellow, Maisie, pirate cowboy
free entry
Sep 28
struth!, checked out, sun sponges
free entry
Sep 29
the yellow wallpaper
single launch w/ sons of zoku, mum's favourite
Sep 30
w/ chop, slayerorgana, shuriken cell, trungllion horse power
Oct 01
between you and me
shit yeah aus tour w/ grenade jumper, besties
Oct 02
day for Caroline w/ Sofia menguita
front bar - free entry
Oct 03
cranker comedy
Oct 04
pity lips 'cellular' single launch
w/ Hubris, spiral turns // free entry
Oct 05
w/ blood on my hands, scratch lines
Oct 06
no warning (USA)
w/ iron mind (Melb), winners circle, bolt cutter
Oct 07
lazy ghost (NSW)
w/ stormy-lou, Maisie
Oct 08
Alana jagt w/ grim Fawkner
front bar - free entry
Oct 09
Day For Caroline w/ grace mensforth
front bar - free entry
Oct 11
The Screaming Jets
exclusive triple m show
Oct 12
Oct 13
c.o.f.f.i.n. (NSW)
'Australia stops' album tour w/ Juliette seizure and the tremor dolls, dark daze
Oct 14
punk thrash fest w/ pizza death (vic), hidden intent
w/ 9 foot super soldier (wa), electric sex pants, vomit bomb (qld), broken loose, steal capz
Oct 15
front bar - free entry
Oct 15
MJ Turner w/guests
front bar - free entry
Oct 16
Day for Caroline w/ Maisie B
front bar - free entry
Oct 17
Cranker Comedy
Oct 18
Mäcey, Sugar Tongue, Jongo Bones & the Barefoot Bandits
free entry
Oct 19
Smokeys Band, Big Sloe, The Genevieves
free entry
Oct 20
Street Legal
'Modern Ruins' Tour w/ The Maggie Pills (Melb) & Purée
Oct 21
Divers (Melb)
Economy Class Tour w/ Molly Rocket & Tapleys Hill
Oct 22
Aaron Thomas w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Oct 23
Day For Caroline w/ Finn
front bar - free entry
Oct 25
The Birds Are Spies, Homecourt, The Munch
free entry
Oct 26
Checked Out, The Bitter Ends, Jon Ann
free entry
Oct 27
w/ Did Wesz, The Dainty Morsels
Oct 28
Holurween - free show
w/ Holur, I Choose Violence, Bifurcation, Ekosa, Numen Noctis, The Worm
Oct 29
Rhys Jensen w/ Will Everest
front bar - free entry
Oct 30
Day For Caroline w/ Overdue Fiction
front bar - free entry
Nov 01
The Genevieves, The Munch, The War Room
free entry
Nov 02
The Fuss, Fair Call, Gallery One
free entry
Nov 03
Blood On My Hands (VIC) & END IT ALL (WA)
w/ Chrome Cage, Tunnel Vision, Devoidance
Nov 04
Dozer (SWE)
w/ Emergency Rule, Rocky's Pride & Joy
Nov 05
Tim Shephard w/ Cooper Vos
front bar - free entry
Nov 06
Effie w/ Eugene the City
front bar - free entry
Nov 07
cranker comedy
Nov 08
H3idrun, The Escape Pods, The Dainty Morsels
free entry
Nov 09
Pulley (USA)
w/ Wiseheimer, Thrashboard
Nov 10
Press Club (VIC)
w/ Loser, Placement
Nov 11
No Hat No Play Festival
w/ Pest Control, Puree, Ebony Emili, Mum Thinks Blue, Busseys, Glowing
Nov 12
Jawgee, Ben, Seb & Charlie, Looch (acoustic)
front bar - free entry
Nov 13
Effie w/ Elizabeth Ruyi
front bar - free entry
Nov 15
Connections, KIN, Curly Hollow
free entry
Nov 16
Sick Visor, Pity Lips, Babyteeth
free entry
Nov 17
Apes of the State (USA) & Pigeon Pit (USA)
w/ The Peanut Butter Crack Babies
Nov 18
w/ Wakefield, Openfire
Nov 19
Brendan Hill, Laura Brown (Church Moms), Dan Jenkins (St Judes)
front bar - free entry
Nov 20
Effie w/ Keeskea
front bar - free entry
Nov 21
Cranker Comedy
Nov 22
w/ Cull The Band & Perdition
Nov 23
No Action, The Genevieves, CHOP
free entry
Nov 24
Loose End
w/ Vermont, Agapanther, Throwaway
Nov 25
Shinto Katana
w/ Winnerz Circle, Cruel Intentions, Judged By Twelve, Bolt Cutter
Nov 26
Dieter Horvat, Miranda Bede, Ned Baulderstone
front bar - free entry
Nov 27
Effie w/ Sunspots
front bar - free entry
Nov 29
Killed By Cupid, Halfway Charlie, Sugar Tongue
free entry
Nov 30
Lickity Split, Flunker, Mantra
free entry
Dec 01
Electric Chair (USA)
w/ The Uglies, TGRX, Mortal Ambition, Stressed
Dec 02
Blue Lucy (EP Launch)
w/ The Kavs & Witch Hunt
Dec 03
Stu Daniels w/ Tuckshop (duo)
front bar - free entry
Dec 04
Los Palms
front bar - free entry
Dec 05
Cranker Comedy
Dec 06
Pash, Purée, Blush
free entry
Dec 07
CHOP, Violet Harlot, MartyMartz
free entry
Dec 08
Halftime Oranges, Steal Capz, Sacrificial Larynx
Dec 09
Quicksand (USA)
w/ Placement & Heinous Crimes
Dec 10
MJ Turner w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Dec 11
Los Palms
front bar - free entry
Dec 13
My Cherie, Sour Sob, The Genevieves
free entry
Dec 14
Hotmen, The Genevieves, Pity Lips
free entry
Dec 15
w/ War Room & Cagefly
Dec 16
w/ Perdition, Sniffin' Glue, POS
Dec 17
Metal Church
w/ Dirty Pagans & Firestorm
Dec 18
Los Palms
front bar - free entry
Dec 19
Cranker Comedy
Dec 20
Hell's Hoist, Looch, Violet Harlot
free entry
Dec 21
Devoidance, Stressed, Scratch Lines, Chapel Hill
free entry
Dec 22
Mum Thinks Blue
w/ Bermuda Bay, Purée
Dec 23
Cranker Christmas - free entry
w/ Colourblind, Molly Rocket, Coldwave, Pity Lips, Young Offenders, Nocturnal Animals, Sports Car, The Mondays, Blush, Soursob, Pest Control
Dec 24
The Biodegradable Bards
front bar - free entry
Dec 25
Dec 26
Lemmy Forever
free entry
Dec 27
Witch Spit, The Yellow Wallpaper, Maisie
free entry
Dec 28
Dec 29
w/ Kin & Nowhere 2 Run
Dec 30
w/ Sons of Erebus, Numen Noctis, Malheißt
Dec 31
Jan 01
Jan 02
Jan 03
Gallery One, Mr. Industry, The Genevieves
free entry
Jan 04
Stokes, Mum's Favourite, Antics Roadshow
free entry
Jan 05
'Counterfeit Hypocrite' single launch w/ Larsen, Pelvis, Tapleys Hill
Jan 06
Smoke No Fire
'Nobody' single launch w/ Mänträ, The Volume
Jan 07
Angie Starr, Scott Toner, Janey Moon
front bar - free entry
Jan 08
Stephi w/ My Cherie
front bar - free entry
Jan 10
Velvet Void, Normal Behaviour, Pelvis
free entry
Jan 11
Trick Shot, Space Coyote, Dressed To Kill
free entry
Jan 12
The Mondays
'Live Like This' EP launch w/ Effie & Ebony Emili
Jan 13
2pm matinee show Scratch Lines, Bifurcation, Custodian (free show) // 9pm show Pimpin' Horus (FINAL SHOW)
w/ Twitch
Jan 14
Bianca Feher w/ Emily Grace & Sash
front bar - free entry
Jan 15
Stephi w/ Short Snarl
front bar - free entry
Jan 16
Cranker Comedy
Jan 17
Birds Are Spies, The Slow Light, Cliff Racer
free entry
Jan 18
Halftime Oranges, Badland Caravan, Witchhunt
free entry
Jan 19
The World At A Glance
Album tour with Raccoon City & Nuclear Family
Jan 20
'end credits' single launch w/ Witch Spit, Church Moms, TV Therapy
Jan 21
Rhys Jensen w/ Aden Quinn
front bar - free entry
Jan 22
Stephi w/ Ronan & Kev
front bar - free entry
Jan 24
Lemmings, Pelvis, Nonnie
free entry
Jan 25
'Bathwater Baby' tour with War Room, Swapmeet
Jan 26
Vex (NSW)
with Grip Down (NSW), KIN, Endless Grey
Jan 27
The Hard Aches // SOLD OUT
with Lande Hekt (UK) & Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys
Jan 28
The Hard Aches // SOLD OUT
with Lande Hekt (UK)
Jan 29
Stephi w/ Ella Ion
front bar - free entry
Jan 31
Fading Eclipse, Ouroboric, Soul Bird
free entry
Feb 01
Greenly Beach, Antics Roadshow, Curly Hollows
free entry
Feb 02
East Av3
'Daytrip to the Nighttrap' tour with special guests Samuelson
Feb 03
'silence is violence' tour with Patient Sixty-Seven, A Swift Farewell, Belle Haven
Feb 04
Aaron Thomas w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Feb 05
Ebony Emili w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Feb 06
Cranker Comedy
Feb 07
Jayne Doe, Witch Hunt, Jongo Bones & the Barefoot Bandits
free entry
Feb 08
The Moving Stills
'Wabi Sabi' album tour with Sunsick Daisy
Feb 09
Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band
w/ The Condos & Mortal Ambition
Feb 10
The Velvet Club
special guests to be announced
Feb 11
Alieysha w/ Emily Grace, Elizabeth Ruyi
front bar - free entry
Feb 12
Ebony Emili w/ guests
front bar - free entry
Feb 14
Fair Call, Looch, Jayne Doe
free entry
Feb 15
Mantra, Hello Enemy, KIOS
free entry
Feb 16
It's Not A Phase! Still Not Okay
Feb 17
I Can't Believe It's Not Weezer
Feb 18
Daniel Thomas w/ Brendon Hill, Daniel Jenkins
front bar - free entry
Feb 19
Ebony Emili w/ Kurralta Park
front bar - free entry
Feb 20
Cranker Comedy
Feb 21
The Birds Are Spies, Badland Caravan, Satin Sun
free entry
Feb 22
The Back Yarders, Soursob Bob, Chickensalt
Feb 23
I Can't Believe It's Not Foo Fighters
Feb 24
Sundowner, Jaguar God, Scratch Lines
Feb 25
live music in front bar
free entry
Feb 26
Ebony Emili w/ Dan Holland
front bar - free entry
Feb 28
Barefoot Spacemen, Velvet Void, Maisie
free entry
Feb 29
Realm of Thorns "Merch n Mingle"
free entry
Mar 01
Good Sniff
'Doing Bad For Good' tour w/ Ded Wesz, Looch
Mar 02
Mar 03
Mournful Congregation
with Faceless Burial (VIC) & Sharp Shooter
Mar 04
Todd Fogarty w/ Georgia Nielsen
front bar - free entry
Mar 05
Cam Cole (UK)
with special guest Ruben Reeves
Mar 06
Ekosa, Slowpeth, Kuiper
front bar - free entry
Mar 07
It's Not A Phase! Presents: American Idiot
Mar 08
Minami Deutsch (JPN)
with Thunder Speaks, Night Rites, Sons of Zoku
Mar 09
Yours Truly (NSW)
Call My Name Tour
Mar 10
Sanguisugabogg (US) + Disentomb (QLD) // SOLD OUT
with Algor Mortis (VIC)
Mar 11
Todd Fogarty w/ Basty H
front bar - free entry
Mar 13
Jackulson, Swap Meet, War Room
free entry
Mar 14
Darcy James Cheatle, The Genevieves, Destinezia
free entry
Mar 15
The Munch
'No Supine' album launch with Basty Band, Hagol, Swapmeet
Mar 16
Flip Side Fest
with Kitchen Witch, Rocky's Pride & Joy, Pest Control, Stripes
Mar 17
Stevie Georgia w/ Kerin Carr
front bar - free entry
Mar 18
Todd Fogarty w/ Nina McCann
front bar - free entry
Mar 19
Cranker Comedy
Mar 20
L.R. Marsh, Danger Dolphins, Craig Atkins
free entry
Mar 21
No Pressure (USA)
Mar 22
Velvet Trip
'Harmony Blooms' tour with Druid Fluids, Purée
Mar 23
The Ascended
Wrath of the Ronin Tour
Mar 24
Mortiis (NORWAY)
Født til å herske (Born to rule) Tour with guests Eyes More Skulls Than Eyes & Euphorbia
Mar 25
Todd Fogarty w/ PBCBs (acoustic) + b3ncrr
front bar - free entry
Mar 27
Satin Sun, The Hazys, The Fuss
free entry
Mar 28
My Chérie, Cherry Daisies, Lost Woods
free entry
Mar 29
with Ella Ion
Mar 30
HEAT, Chrome Cage, No Peace, Bolt Cutter, Rend
Mar 30
Brant Bjork Trio (USA)
w/ Full Tone Generator