Crown and Anchor instagram
Jan 28
Lucy Zola
Jan 29
cranker comedy
Jan 30
the beerbellies
Jan 31
sleepy lizard
with Alexander black & free from bourbon
Feb 01
Stand Atlantic (Syd)
w/ The Dead Love (WA)
Feb 02
Swirl Fest
w/ FOAM (WA), Baby Blue (Vic), Siamese, Dead Roo & more!
Feb 03
Leela Notes, Thoma Henbest, Stephanie Daughtry
Feb 04
Max Savage & Friends
Feb 05
Cranker Comedy
Feb 06
w/ Beau Lightning & Busseys
Feb 07
Myncie Girls (UK)
w/ Ben David (Hard Aches) & The Lazy Susans (Vic)
Feb 08
Rotary Art Show
w/ Borrowed Chords, Leaf and Stem & The Smocks
Feb 09
Shaman Eyes
w/ Ponyail Kink + more TBC
Feb 10
Road Wing Manics, The Matehs, Kitten Kong (ALL ACOUSTIC)
Feb 11
Max Savage and Friends
Feb 12
Cranker Comedy Feb 12th
Feb 13
Supersuckers (USA) 30th Anniversary Tour
w/ Rat Catcher, Sunday Reeds & Mezza, Roach & Hog
Feb 14
Beyond The Picture
w/ Contract Love, Salibu Macey and Angus Purvis.
Feb 15
Teenage Joans
w/ WMN, Oopsie Daisy & Mysterious Sea Creature
Feb 16
Wolfpack (Vic)
w/ Electric Sex Pants, Tough Boys, Meatbeaters and Thrashboard
Feb 17
Dieter Horvat w/ Basty H & Oliver Kabbani
Feb 18
Feb 19
Cranker Comedy
Feb 20
Idle Suburbia
w/ The Delirious & Max Headroom
Feb 21
The Pinheads (NSW)
w/ Wash & Blistar
Feb 22
No Zodiac (USA)
w/ Xile (NZ), Cast Down, Wraith, Mauvais & Outsider
Feb 23
Nirvana - Nevermind the Singer
Feb 24
Good Mourning, Timothea Moylan, Jackstrap
Feb 25
Max Savage
Feb 26
Cranker Comedy
Feb 27
Lost Woods
w/ Inklines & Cosmic Shepherd
Feb 28
Ponytail Kink
w/ Guests
Mar 01
A Place To Bury Strangers (USA)
w/ Flyying Colours
Mar 02
Life After Football (Syd)
w/ Tiersman and No Oaths
Mar 03
Ryan Martin John
Mar 04
Live Acoustic
Mar 05
Cranker Comedy
Mar 06
w/ Shaman Eyes & Max Headroom
Mar 07
The Dark Seeds Nick Cave Tribute
Mar 08
Clove (VIC)
W/ guests
Mar 09
Bugs (Bris)
w/ guests
Mar 10
Modern Life is War (USA)
w/ Homesick
Mar 11
Live Acoustic
Mar 12
Cranker Comedy
Mar 13
w/ Fake Nature, Cosmic Shepherd
Mar 14
The Tommyhawks (WA)
w/ guests
Mar 15
Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters (Bris) Album Launch
w/ The Iron Triangle
Mar 16
My Disco
w/ Sow Discord & Eyes More Skull Than Eyes
Mar 17
Bill Meegan
Mar 18
Live Acoustic
Mar 19
Cranker Comedy
Mar 20
Sleepy Lizard
w/ Something to Rescue & Mellow Yellow
Mar 21
Flat Moon Society
Mar 22
The Empty Threats
Mar 23
Full Tone Generator (Melb)
Mar 24
Jared Grimm
Mar 25
Live Acoustic
Mar 26
Cranker Comedy
Mar 27
w/ Paper Sunsets & Burjon
Mar 28
The Underground Youth (GER)
w/ guests
Mar 29
Sasquatch (USA)
w/ guests
Mar 30
Stabbitha & The Kinfey Wifeys
w/ Sincerely Grizzlu, Dilettantes, Apparition & more
Mar 31
Apr 11
1000 Mods (GREECE)
w/ Filthy Lucre & Kitchen Witch