Jun 06
Adam Geoffrey Cole w/ Rhys Overall
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 07
Cranker Comedy
Jun 08
Hubris, Stormy Lou, Pity Lips
Free Entry
Jun 09
Sunsick Daisy, Teresa Di Fava, Velvet Void
Free Entry
Jun 10
w/ Reverses, Night Rites
Jun 11
Rose Closeau "LENNY" Single Launch
w/ Katie Pomery, Stephi
Jun 12
Choosing Sides/Busseys/Velvet Club(vic)/Mum Thinks Blue/Hey Harriet/Lucinda Grace/Dorkz/Frankie Sunwagon/The Tullamarines/Sour Sob
Jun 13
Adam Geoffrey Cole w/ Corda Negra
Jun 14
Cranker Comedy
Jun 15
LOLA, Dandy Buzzkills, The Vains
Free Entry
Jun 16
Eyes Of Aster, Only Objects, Alpha Street
Free Entry
Jun 17
More Colour "UNLUCKY" Single Launch
w/ Molly Rocket, Stormy Lou
Jun 19
Craig Atkins w/ Tris Beaumont, Polly Peppertree
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 20
Corda Negra
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 21
Cranker Comedy
Jun 22
The Cortex Shift, Soylent Green, Bend
Free Entry
Jun 23
Larsen, Sports Car, Sines
Jun 24
STUMPS, Greatest Hits, Mum Friends, Sports Car
Jun 25
Outsider - "REFLECTION OF YOU" EP Launch
w/ Vilify, Culture Shock, Terminal Sleep
Jun 26
Georgy Rochow w/ Cherie de Klerk & Ryan Martin John
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 27
Corda Negra w/ Man From Atlantis
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jun 28
Cranker Comedy
Jun 29
Hepé Mateh, Melton Peach, My Chérie
Free Entry
Jun 30
Haliday "HONEYGLOW" EP Launch
w/ Baby Shower, Dorkz - Free Entry
Jul 01
Umbrella Festival - Opening Party
The Dunes, Street Legal, Honeybeam - Free Entry
Jul 02
Matinee Gig - 1pm
No Peace, Fever Shack, Heat, Scratch Lines
Jul 02
w/ Heists, Rage
Jul 03
w/ Diabolic Rites, Lucifers Fall
Jul 04
Sam I Am w/ Jessie's Overalls
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 05
Cranker Comedy
Jul 06
w/ Lune, Heartline, Emecia
Jul 06
State Library, Danger Dolphins, Home Court
Free Entry
Jul 07
Only Objects, Pink Noise Generator, Tabloids
Free Entry
Jul 08
Jongo Bones & The Barefoot Bandits
Looch, The KAVS, Dandy Buzzkills
Jul 09
Khan, Kitchen Witch, Rocky's Pride And Joy
Jul 10
Jason Katsaras
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 11
Sam I Am w/ Stephi
Front Bar - Free entry
Jul 12
Cranker Comedy
Jul 13
The Tullamarines "The Lonely One" Single launch
w/ Stormy-Lou, Soursob
Jul 14
w/ guests
Jul 15
Canine Insertion
Free Entry
Jul 16
Cove Street w/ The Vains, All She Wrote
Jul 17
Tris Beaumont w/ Guests
Front bar - Free Entry
Jul 18
Sam I Am w/ Nayli
Front Bar - Free entry
Jul 19
Cranker Comedy
Jul 20
The Closing, Loose Units, Marion Mondays
Free Entry
Jul 21
The Back Yarders, Pimpin' Horus, Bird Detective
Free Entry
Jul 22
w/ Witch Spit, The Uglies
Jul 23
Bakers Eddy "Love Boredom Bicycles" Tour
Jul 24
Sunnyside Drive (acoustic), Billy Burns (LOLA), Dan Ninnes (Weekend Rage)
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 25
Sam I Am w/ Zach Eichner
Front Bar - Free Entry
Jul 26
Cranker Comedy
Jul 27
Kotara, Glass Eye Parlour, Bordello
Free Entry
Jul 28
Glass Tides
Free Entry
Jul 28
WHRES 'Australia and New Zealand' Tour
w/ Emergency Rule & No No No No No
Jul 29
Particles Festival Day 1
Maple Glider, Jess Johns, Sour Sob, Melton Peach, Eyrie
Jul 30
Particles Festival Day 2
Quivers, Keeskea, Nothing Really, Junk Harmony, Twine, Hard Rubbish
Jul 31
Chris Callisto, Dorta Mars, Ebony Emili
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 01
Ghost Thief w/ Rickey Albeck
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 02
Cranker Comedy
Aug 03
Hey Harriett w/ Stormy-Lou, Stephi
Free Entry
Aug 04
The War Room w/ Sour Sob, Juckulson
Free Entry
Aug 05
Struth! - Single Launch
Aug 06
John Floreani
Aug 07
Jack Robins
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 08
Ghost Thief w/ Brave Mistakes
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 09
Cranker Comedy
Aug 10
Cliff Racer, Silent Duck, Somnium
Free Entry
Aug 11
Eliza & The Delusionals 'Now and Then' Album Tour
w/ Egoism & Yen Strange
Aug 12
Free Drinks (the band)
Aug 13
Nicholas Cage Fighter 'The bones that grew from pain' Tour
w/ Relapse, Blood On My Hands & Shokan
Aug 15
Ghost Thief w/ Stephi
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 16
Cranker Comedy
Aug 17
Daily Heads, Duck Lake & Overdue Fiction
Free Entry
Aug 18
KZRN, Falter & Endless Grey
Free Entry
Aug 19
Madura Green
Aug 20
Patient Sixty-Seven 'Wishful Thinking' Australian Tour
w/ Harroway & Bury Me
Aug 21
Maisie B
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 22
Ghost Thief w/ Lucy Zola
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 23
Cranka Comedy
Aug 24
Smokey's Band, Weekend Rage, Looch
Free Entry
Aug 25
Violet Harlot, No Lemmin, Overdue Fiction
Free Entry
Aug 26
w/ The Vains & Dicklaser
Aug 28
Daniel Cully w/ guests
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 29
Ghost Thief w/ McQueen
Front Bar - Free Entry
Aug 30
Cranker Comedy
Aug 31
Mellow Yellow, The Pods Interrobang, Wingfield
Free Entry
Sep 01
Free Entry
Sep 02
Tom Matheson
w/ Swirl