Mar 01
A Place To Bury Strangers (USA)
w/ Flyying Colours
Mar 02
Life After Football (Syd)
w/ Tiersman and No Oaths
Mar 03
Ryan Martin John
Feb 24
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Erin Mo & Josh Tresize
Feb 25
Cranker Comedy
Feb 26
Feb 27
Mom Jeans (USA) Australian Tour 2020
w/ The Lazy Susans + More TBA
Feb 28
Void Of Vision (Melb)
w/ Diamond Construct
Feb 29
Mar 04
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 05
Cranker Comedy
Mar 06
w/ Shaman Eyes & Max Headroom
Mar 07
The Dark Seeds Nick Cave Tribute
w/ Choosing Sides
Mar 08
Clove (VIC) 'GLOW' single launch
W/ guests
Mar 09
Bugs (Bris) 'Sweetener' Tour
w/ Pemberton
Mar 10
Modern Life is War (USA)
w/ Homesick
Mar 11
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 12
Cranker Comedy
Mar 13
w/ Fake Nature, Cosmic Shepherd
Mar 14
The Tommyhawks (WA)
w/ Black Bats (Vic), The Brothers Goon and Saucy Paws
Mar 15
Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters (Bris) Album Launch
w/ The Iron Triangle
Mar 16
My Disco
w/ Sow Discord & Eyes More Skull Than Eyes
Mar 17
Bill Meegan
Mar 18
The Ruiins Single Launch
w/ Rat Ta'Mango & Stacy Says
Mar 19
Cranker Comedy
Mar 20
Sleepy Lizard
w/ Something to Rescue & Mellow Yellow
Mar 21
Flat Moon Society
w/ Soda & The Smocks
Mar 22
The Empty Threats
w/ It's A Hoax & Blush Response
Mar 23
Full Tone Generator (Melb)
w/ Heinous Crimes, The Straight-Jacket Tailors and Howl n Bones
Mar 24
Jared Grimm
w/ Lachy Bruce & Cahli Blakers
Mar 25
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 26
Cranker Comedy
Mar 27
w/ Paper Sunsets & Burjon
Mar 28
Free From Burden
w/ Memory Castles & Runaway Jetpack
Mar 29
Sasquatch (USA)
w/ Acid Wolf & MAMMOTH
Mar 30
w/ FOLEY, Sincerely Grizzly, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, Dilettantes, Apparition, Last Days of Kali & Broken Tether Church Moms
Mar 31
w/ The Sea Thieves & Jessica Johns
Apr 01
Staff Bash
beers, beers, beers!
Apr 02
Cranker Comedy
Apr 03
Treehouse Casino
w/ Soda & Glowing (debut)
Apr 04
w/ The Real Mac & The Midnight Divide
Apr 05
Sleep Talk
w/ Colourblind & Dress Code
Apr 06
Adrian Eagle (A.O.K Tour)
w/ guests
Apr 07
Cast Down (EP Launch)
w/ 23/19, Death Twitch, Warpath & Vile
Apr 08
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 09
Cranker Comedy
Apr 10
w/ Urban Youth & Rotary Art Show
Apr 11
1000 Mods (GREECE)
w/ Filthy Lucre & Kitchen Witch
Apr 12
Cosmo Thundercat
w/ Banjo Jackson
Apr 13
The Mercy Kills
w/ Bathawk & Tough Boys
Apr 14
Jack & The Box
w/ Rapscallion, Isaac Thomas
Apr 15
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 16
Cranker Comedy
Apr 17
Jack And The Box
w/ Baron Von Doodle, Leaf & Stem
Apr 18
Pagan (The Evil Eye Tour)
w/ She's the band & Dilettantes
Apr 19
Horror My Friend
w/ Blush Response, Ricky Albeck & The Belair Band & Teenage Joans
Apr 20
Bakers Eddy (Melb)
w/ Bad Juju (Melb) & Teenage Joans
Apr 21
Cahli Blakers
w/ guests
Apr 22
Oliver Kabbani
w/ guests
Apr 23
Cranker Comedy
Apr 24
The Midnight Divide
w/ Jettison & Treehouse Casino
Apr 25
No Basis
w/ Angus Gaylor, Philip H. Bleek & Mystery Sea Creature
Apr 26
Totally Unicorn (Syd)
w/ Arse & Tiersman
Apr 27
Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows
w/ The Dunes & More
Apr 28
Matt HIll (Ghyti)
w/ Lucy Zola & Mark Curtis
Apr 29
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 30
Cranker Comedy
May 01
Urban Youth
w/ The Pods Interrobang & Heinous Crimes
May 02
Death By Stero + Zebrahead (USA)
w/ All In
May 03
w/ The Cold Field & Decos
May 04
Lucy Zola
w/ Naomi Keyte & Saint Jacques
May 05
w/ Gorgijas Son & Kirraley Stevens
May 06
Matt Ward Acoustic Residency
May 07
Cranker Comedy
May 08
w/ SODA & Teenage Joans
May 09
w/ Diamond Construct, Reactions & Days Of Deceit
May 10
Blindman Deathstare (Melb)
w/ Trophy Knives (Malaysia) & Balajan and Scum Of The Surf
May 11
The Union
w/ Watch The World, Burning Bridges & AGAPANTHER
May 12
Byron Knott
w/ Guests
May 13
Matt Ward Acoustic Residency
May 14
Cranker Comedy
May 15
Alex K & The Sputnik Sweethearts
w/ Slick Arnold & Boy Young
May 16
Mellow Yellow
w/ Rotary Art Show & Decos
May 17
The Cherry Dolls
w/ Oscar The Wild, Indiago & Crookeds
May 18
She Cries Wolf
w/ Heists, Life Pilot, The Daily Chase & Warpath
May 19
w/ Guests
May 20
Matt Ward Acoustic Residency
May 21
Cranker Comedy
May 22
Cosmic Fossil
w/ Shaman Eyes, The Shahs
May 23
The Prophets Of Impending Doom
w/ Darts Of Pleasure, The Pods Interrobang & Isekai
May 24
w/ It's a Hoax & Kyle Landman
May 25
Holy Serpent (Melb)
w/ Filthy Lucre + more
May 26
w/ Iron Worzel & MAMMOTH
May 28
Cranker Comedy
May 29
w/ Saucy Paws & Club Lock
May 30
The Tonight Show
w/ No Basis and Philip H. Bleek
May 31
w/ Ro & Eaglemont.
Jun 01
w/ Lonelyspeck & Lauren Abineri
Jun 02
Tony Subic
w/ Isaac Thomas & Jimmy Bay
Jun 03
Paris Clarke Proud Monday Residency
w/ guests
Jun 04
Cranker Comedy
Jun 05
Slick Arnold
w/ guests
Jun 06
Pieces Of Molly (NZ) w/ Feed The Fire, Dirty Pagans and The Straight Jacket Tailors
w/ Feed The Fire, Dirty Pagans & The Straight Jacket Tailors
Jun 07
KOR: Vol III - Pridelands
w/ Glass Tides, Ovtsider & Heartline
Jun 08
w/ David Blumberg The Maraby Band, Cull - The Band & Get Some
Jun 09
w/ Planet Of The 8s & Howl n Bones
Jun 10
Paris Clarke Proud Monday Residency
Jun 11
Cranker Comedy
Jun 12
The Empty Threats
w/ Divebar Youth & Annita
Jun 13
East End
w/ Only Objects, VOE & My Cherie
Jun 14
Idle Suburbia
w/ Brat 86, Line 39, Max Headroom & No No No No No
Jun 15
TALC (Melb)
w/ Scab Eater (Boston/Melb), Yuppie Grinder, NAH & Two Sea Bee
Jun 16
Trav Collins
w/ Koleh
Jun 17
Paris Clarke Proud Monday Residency
Jun 18
Cranker Comedy
Jun 19
w/ Guests
Jun 20
The Monikers
w/ Ferrns & Flat Moon Society
Jun 21
CLOWNS (Melb) ‘Nature Nurture’ Tour
w/ Private Function & Colourblind
Jun 22
w/ Neon Tetra, The Empty Threats, Bermuda Bay & Pillarbox
Jun 23
James Dawes
w/ Ciara Walsh
Jun 24
Paris Clarke Proud Monday Residency
Jun 25
Cranker Comedy
Jun 26
Matt Alderman
w/ Treehouse Casino & Something To Rescue
Jun 27
Blonde Doctor
w/ Pillarbox & Midnight Divide
Jun 28
Memory Castles 'Break' Single Launch
w/ Burjon & Jettison
Jun 29
Masami Kawaguchi's New Rock Syndicate
w/ Sunday Reeds, Avant Gardeners & The First Third
Jun 30
Ricky Albeck
w/ Guests
Jul 01
Jimmy Bay Residency
w/ Skyla
Jul 02
Cranker Comedy
Jul 03
Strike Anywhere (US)
w/ Paper Arms & Stolen Youth
Jul 04
The Scoundrels
w/ Experiment One, Ghyti & Omertia
Jul 05
Under The Influence
w/ The Decline (WA), Flangipanis (QLD), Scum Of The Surf, Haystacks Calhoon, Teenage Joans, LOOSE UNITS & Adam Slater Acoustic
Jul 06
Blush Response
w/ Goodbye, Mother Leopard, Rotary Art Show & Public Address
Jul 07
Jul 08
w/ Frets Patrick
Jul 09
Cranker Comedy
Musical Edition
Jul 10
Jack & The Box
w/ guests
Jul 11
Rosa & The Thorns
w/ guests
Jul 12
Radolescents (QLD)
w/ Curious Palms & Road Wings
Jul 13
The Grogans (Melb)
w/ Young Offenders and SODA
Jul 14
w/ Mineral Kingdom, Sidwho + Banjo Jackson
Jul 15
w/ Heath Weber
Jul 16
Cranker Comedy
Jul 17
St Bride
w/ Idly By (Single Launch) & Copious Dribble
Jul 17
Keeskea & Jamie Leone (CBR)
Front Bar from 6pm
Jul 18
Issac Thomas and Band
w/ The Prophets of Impending Doom & Road Wing
Jul 19
DJ Chadrock + Going Steady DJ's
Jul 20
The Brothers Goon
w/ Church moms, Bike Wreck & Joe Guiton
Jul 21
Cursed Earth
w/ Daybreak, The Gloom In The Corner & Wreath
Jul 22
w/ Trav Collins
Jul 23
Cranker Comedy
Jul 24
The Straight-Jacket Tailors
w/ Attonbitus & Urban Youth
Jul 25
w/ Guests
Jul 26
Scouted Festival
Cranker Band Room Lineup TBA
Jul 26
Part Time Records Launch Party
w/ Siberian Tiger & Wolf & Cub
Jul 27
Going Steady Presents: Any Colour You Like
w/ Party Dozen (NSW) , The Dunes, Pseudo Mind Hive (Vic), Shaman Eyes, OKO & Visitors
Jul 28
Umbrella Winter City Sounds Closing Block Party 'NEON DREAMS'
w/ YOUNG OFFENDERS, The Empty Threats, Blush Response, Fair Maiden, Dead Roo, Oopsie Daisy, Busseys & Annita
Jul 29
w/ Young Sawyer
Jul 30
Cranker Comedy
Jul 31
Goodbye Mother Leopard
w/ OKO, Mellow Yellow
Aug 01
Choosing Sides
w/ Don’t Bring Stacey & GHOSTHREAD
Aug 02
Sighclone EP Launch and Blind Coyote
w/ Agapanther, Larsen, Not For Humans & Blind Coyote
Aug 03
Drama Dolls
w/ Subtract S & The Smallpox Confidential (Debut Show)
Aug 04
Alexander Black
w/ Conor Deery
Aug 05
Isak Powell Acoustic Residency
Aug 06
Cranker Comedy
Aug 07
The Cortex Shift
w/ Burjon & Relict
Aug 08
w/ Coffin, CULL - The Band & Get Some
Aug 09
Hells Hoist Album Launch
w/ Skinpin (Syd), Teenage Joans & The Sunday Reeds
Aug 10
Aug 11
Alexander Black
w/ Lachy Bruce, Sean Bell & Georgia Nielsen
Aug 12
Isaac Thomas Acoustic Residency
Aug 13
Cranker Comedy
Aug 14
Cosmic Fossil
w/ The Pods Interrobang & Shaman Eyes
Aug 15
A Tune For Lifeline' Charity Show
w/ Maisie, Teenage Joans, Clover, Cheese Dreams & Lachlan Searles
Aug 16
Swamp Kitteh
w/ Bloodstone Villains & Isolation Valve
Aug 17
BATZ (Melb) 'Wizard' Single Launch
w/ The Belair Lip Bombs (Melb) & Guests
Aug 18
Julian James
Aug 19
Isaac Thomas Acoustic Residency
Aug 20
Cranker Comedy
Aug 21
w/ Eyes More Skull Than Eyes & Soria Moria
Aug 22
Redhook (Syd) 'Only Bones' Tour
w/ Guests
Aug 23
w/ Sinclaire (syd) & hot mess
Aug 24
Imogen Brave
w/ The Ireresponsibles, Squeaker and Nuseum
Aug 25
Ricky Albeck
w/ Guests
Aug 26
Isaac Thomas Acoustic Residency
Aug 27
Cranker Comedy
Aug 28
w/ Oscar The Wild and Urban Youth
Aug 29
Nocturnal Animals
w/ The Real Mac & Wolf & Chain
Aug 30
Private Function (Melb) 'St Anger' Album Launch
w/ Guests
Aug 31
Fierce Mild (Melb) Death's Kingdom Album Launch
w/ Pup Tentacle (Melb), The Dunes & Iiah
Sep 01
Chris Callisto
w/ Ryan Martin John & Jose Moucho
Sep 02
Katie Pomery Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Sep 03
Cranker Comedy
Sep 04
Lost Woods
w/ Isaac Thomas & his best friends & Yorke Heath
Sep 05
Not For Humans (EP Launch)
w/ The J Walkers & Stray Charley
Sep 06
Shaman Eyes
w/ guests
Sep 07
Gay Paris (SYD)
w/ Stabbitha & the knifey wifeys & dilettantes
Sep 08
Naxatras (Greece)
w/ Comacozer & Sons of Zoku
Sep 09
Johnny American Horse Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Sep 10
Cranker Comedy
Sep 11
Alycia Budd
w/ Alexander Black & Emma Jayne
Sep 12
Daisy Razor
w/ Ponytail Kink & Church Moms
Sep 13
Sep 14
Tom West
w/ guests
Sep 15
Todd Fogarty
w/ Spencer Gorman & Bridget Fahey
Sep 16
Johnny American Horse Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Sep 17
Cranker Comedy
Sep 18
Contract Love
w/ Rotary Art Show & Public Address
Sep 19
w/ Guests
Sep 20
Blonde Doctor
w/ Pillarbox, The Smocks & Cheese Dreams
Sep 21
Mercs 'Ep Launch'
w/ Colourblind & Dead Roo
Sep 22
Jared Grimm
Sep 23
Johnny American Horse Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Sep 25
Cranker Comedy
Sep 25
Punk Fundraiser
Lineup TBC
Sep 26
Amyl and the Sniffers (Melb) [SOLD OUT]
w/ Grim Rhythm & David Blumberg and the Maraby Band
Sep 27
WAGONS (Melb) Album Launch
w/ Alana Jagt
Sep 28
Peanutbutter Crack Babies
w/ Mount Seldom, Public Holiday and Chelsea Manor + Guilhem (Can), Tim Hampshire (Vic) & Dan Jenkins
Sep 29
Shanaya Silva
Sep 30
Johnny American Horse Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Oct 01
Cranker Comedy
Oct 02
Idle Suburbia
w/ Burjon & Cosmic Fossil
Oct 03
Bloodstone Villains
W/ The Public Servants, Filthy Gypsies & Ivory Peacocks
Oct 04
All In
w/ Year of Cold, Goodbye Mother Leopard & Public Address
Oct 05
The Desert Sea
w/ Filthy Lucre
Oct 06
Demon Days
w/ Mum Thinks Blue & SlowMango
Oct 07
Hobbledehoy Records Showcase
w/ Colourblind, Bec Stevens, World Sick & Keeskea (EP Launch)
Oct 08
Cranker Comedy
Oct 09
Oct 10
Southern River Band (WA)
w/ Maisie & Heinous Crimes
Oct 11
Ebonivory (Vic)
w/ Heartline and Jack Bolingbroke
Oct 12
Get Dead (USA)
w/ Wolfpack (Melb), Electric Sex Pants, Cull - The Band & NAH
Oct 13
The Decline (WA)
w/ Nerdlinger, She's The Band & Burnout
Oct 14
Troy Benson Acoustic Residency
+ Pool Comp
Oct 15
Cranker Comedy
Oct 16
Hey Harriett
w/ Howlite (Melb), The Empty Threats & Teenage Joans
Oct 17
Weekend Rage
w/ Guests
Oct 18
The Lazy Susans (Melb)
w/ Face Face (Melb), Pemberton & Mount Seldom
Oct 19
Dr Colossus
w/ Meatbeaters, Mammoth & Planet Cactus
Oct 20
Dieter Horvat
w/ guests
Oct 21
Troy Benson Acoustic Residency
+ Pool Comp
Oct 22
Cranker Comedy
Oct 23
w/ Hey Harriett & Soda
Oct 25
Better Than Milk
w/ Guests
Oct 25
Ambleside ‘Still Life Tour‘
w/ guests
Oct 26
Squeaker 'EP Launch'
w/ Rosemont & Twitch
Oct 27
Amber Mic
w/ guests
Oct 28
Troy Benson Acoustic Residency
+ Pool Comp
Oct 29
Cranker Comedy
Oct 30
Brynna 30th Party
Gigs TBA
Oct 31
Justice For The Damned (
w/ Honest Crooks, Dregg & Caged Existence
Nov 01
Burjon 'Single Launch'
w/ Sleepy Lizard, It's a Hoax & The Max Headroom
Nov 02
Menargerie Festival 2019
w/ Pseudo Mind Hive (Melb), Khan (Melb), Heinous Crimes, Shaman Eyes & Planet Cactus
Nov 03
Chris Callisto
w/ Jose Moucho, Anthony Callisto
Nov 04
Katie Pomery Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Nov 05
Cranker Comedy
Nov 06
Teenage Joans
w/ Stacy Says & Toob Scoots
Nov 07
w/ guests
Nov 08
Ruby Boots (Nashville)
w/ The Sinners & Cookie Baker (Melb)
Nov 09
El Colosso
w/ Kitchen Witch, Howl N Bones & Emergency Rule
Nov 10
Isaac Thomas & Peter White
Nov 11
Katie Pomery Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Nov 12
Cranker Comedy
Nov 13
w/ Fake Nature & Smoke No Fire
Nov 14
Sly Withers
w/ Pemberton & Oscar the Wild.
Nov 15
Satan's Cheerleaders
w/ El Caminos, Haystack Calhoon & Those Magnificent Screaming Bastards
Nov 16
w/ Submerge & Rosemont
Nov 17
w/ Max Savage & His False Idols
Nov 18
Katie Pomery Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Nov 19
Cranker Comedy
Nov 20
The Tommyhawks
w/ guests
Nov 21
The Runaround
w/ guests
Nov 22
Velvet Void 'EP Launch' - Matinee
w/ guests
Nov 22
Bec Stevens
w/ Cahli Bakers (Teenage Joans) & Anna Jeavons
Nov 23
These New South Wales
w/ Raave Tapes, ARSE & Colourblind
Nov 24
Teenage Joans 'Single Launch'
w/ Seabass & Mums Favourite
Nov 25
Katie Pomery Monday Residency
+ Pool Comp
Nov 26
Cranker Comedy
Nov 27
Young Offenders (Single Launch)
w/ The Lizards & Anty!
Nov 28
No Basis
w/ guests
Nov 29
The Union
w/ guests
Nov 30
Under the Influence Festival
w/ Kitten Kong, Chelsea Manor, The J Walkers, Struth, Daisy Razor, ADM 73 & Vicious Pandas
Dec 01
Sunee Holland, Chris larsson & Simon Ngui
Dec 02
Paris Clark-Proud December Acoustic
+ Pool Comp
Dec 03
Cranker Comedy
Dec 04
NATIONAL Live Music Awards 6-8pm
w/ Saint Jacques, Alana Jagt & Oscar the Wild
Dec 04
Idly By 'Album Tour'
w/ Hey Harriet & Isekai
Dec 05
No Music on a Dead Planet
w/ NÄH!, Two Sea Bee, Church Moms & Mechanical Sharks
Dec 06
w/ Meatbeaters, Cull & Get some
Dec 07
Uncle Mum Presents:
Vetty Vials (NSW), Mount Defiance (VIC), Quinton Trembath (VIC) & Lachy Bruce & the Exaggeratrors
Dec 08
CryWank (UK)
Dec 09
Paris Clark-Proud December Acoustic
+ Pool Comp
Dec 10
Cranker Comedy
Dec 11
Paper Sunsets 'VOA' EP Launch
w/ Stacy Says & Mersey Sports Club
Dec 12
w/ RMJ
Dec 13
Maisie 'Uncle Syd’s Mushroom Factory' EP Launch
w/ Mellow Yellow & Shaman Eyes
Dec 14
Majestic Horses 'Album Launch'
w/ Blush Response & Ponytail Kink
Dec 15
Bushfire relief show - 2pm
w/ Jack & The Box, Ocean Jasper, Isaac Thomas & Cosmic Shepherd
Dec 15
Tahlia Jayde, Cameron Keon & Sasha Theunissen
Dec 16
Idly By December Acoustic
+ Pool Comp
Dec 17
Cranker Comedy
Dec 18
Team Friends Unite (Single Launch)
w/ Lachy Bruce & The Exggerators & Pelvis
Dec 19
w/ Hivemind, Sycamore & Juney Blues
Dec 20
Heinous Crimes (Single Launch)
w/ Young Offenders and OKO
Dec 21
Silent Duck
w/ Emergency Rule & Kitchen Witch
Dec 22
A Cranker Christmas Block Party (FREE)
In the band room: Grenadiers, Paradise Club, Oscar the Wild, DRESS CODE, Rat Tamango, Ethanol Blend, The Dunes, Hey Harriett, Katie Pomery & Cat Lucky.
Dec 23
Idly By December Acoustic December Acoustic
+ Pool Comp
Dec 24
Cranker Comedy
Dec 25
Dec 26
Drama Dolls
w/ Fiendish Cavendish
Dec 27
Hadal Maw (Melb)
w/ Voros, Biome & Dead Sun
Dec 27
Sons Of Zoku 'single launch'
w/ Los Palms & Burjon
Dec 28
Road Wings
w/ guests
Dec 29
Just Mac & Erin Mo
Dec 30
Idly By December Acoustic
+ Pool Comp
Dec 31
Jan 01
Jan 02
Jan 03
w/ The Max Headroom & Retriever
Jan 05
Front Bar Acoustic
Dan Gaskin, Ghost Thief & Tim Lorimar
Jan 06
Frets Patrick Acoustic Residency
w/ Sophie Head
Jan 07
Cranker Comedy
Jan 08
Something to Rescue
w/ Kyles Charles Hall & Katie Pomery
Jan 09
Sienna Wild (Melb)
w/ Mel Pier & Don't Bring Stacey
Jan 10
DROID (Melb)
w/ OKO, Shaman Eyes
Jan 11
w/ PBCBs & The Maraby Band
Jan 12
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Lachy Bruce
Jan 13
Frets Patrick Acoustic Residency
w/ Jimmy Bay
Jan 14
Cranker Comedy
Jan 15
Jeremy Hunter (album launch)
w/ Howl n Bones & Maisie
Jan 16
Riff Wrath
w/ Guests
Jan 17
Extended Family Presents: Girls Rock Fundraiser
w/ Georgia Mac (Camp Cope), Lonelyspek & Keeskea, Rose Clouseau & Tahlia Jayde (Teenage Joans)
Jan 18
Tough Boys EP Launch
w/ Atomic Sister, Killing Centre & Glen aventi
Jan 19
Front Bar Acousitc
w/ Aidan John & Andrew P Street
Jan 20
Frets Patrick Acoustic Residency
w/ Jess Louise
Jan 21
Cranker Comedy
Jan 22
w/ guests
Jan 23
From The Valley
w/ White Bay (SYD), No No No No & Wolf & Chain
Jan 24
Jess Day
Guests TBA
Jan 25
Dead Roo & Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line Band - Double single launch
Guests TBA
Jan 25
w/ Tough Boys, Garlic Nun & Scum Of The Surf
Jan 26
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Chris Callisto
Jan 27
Frets Patrick Acoustic Residency
w/ Oliver Kabbani
Jan 28
Cranker Comedy
Jan 29
Mortal Wombat
Guests TBA
Jan 30
Dudez Of Hazard
w/ Leadworm, 4 Cats & Double Life
Jan 31
w/Squid Fishing, Madura Green
Feb 01
THE UNSET Single Launch
W/ Flynn Effect, Tabula Rasa & Sui Generis
Feb 02
Front Bar Acoustic
Mark Curtis w/ Guests
Feb 03
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Josh Tresize
Feb 04
Cranker Comedy
Feb 05
Dick Valentine
w/ Tough Boys
Feb 06
Copious Dribble Single Launch
w/ Mum Friends & Pelvis
Feb 07
Kim Salmon
w/ guests
Feb 08
Swirl Fest '20
w/ Good Morning (vic), Sunscreen (syd), Ricky Albeck and The Belair Line Band, Fair Maiden, The Empty Threats, Jess Johns & Oopsie Daisy
Feb 09
w/ Shatter Brain & Charnel Altar
Feb 10
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Ghost Thief
Feb 11
Cranker Comedy
Feb 12
Frets for Fireys (Fundaraiser)
w/ Agapanther, Contract Love & Mum Friends
Feb 13
White Devil Detroit
w/ Rosemont & Bat Hawk
Feb 14
Ben David & The Working Weak
w/ Lande Hekt (UK) & Tahlia Jayde (Teenage Joans)
Feb 15
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Weezer
Feb 16
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Oliver Kabbani
Feb 17
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Erin Mo
Feb 18
Cranker Comedy
Feb 19
w/ The Pods Interrobang & Burjon
Feb 20
Blind Girls (QLD)
w/ Blind Girls, Yuppie Grinder, Relict & The Condos
Feb 21
Feb 23
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Mule
Feb 23
Bushfire Relief Fundraiser Matinee Show (2-7pm)
w/ The Lizards, All In, Tunnel Vision, Sobaka, Hurricane & The Munch