Feb 12
Frets for Fireys (Fundaraiser)
w/ Agapanther, Contract Love & Mum Friends
Feb 13
White Devil Detroit
w/ Rosemont & Bat Hawk
Feb 14
Ben David & The Working Weak
w/ Lande Hekt (UK) & Tahlia Jayde (Teenage Joans)
Feb 15
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Weezer
Feb 16
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Oliver Kabbani
Feb 17
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Erin Mo
Feb 18
Heinous Crimes Album Launch
w/ Baby Candy & OKO
Feb 18
Cranker Comedy
Feb 19
w/ The Pods Interrobang & Burjon
Feb 20
Blind Girls (QLD)
w/ Blind Girls, Yuppie Grinder, Relict & The Condos
Feb 21
DRESSCODE 'Single Launch'
w/ Cat Lucky & Keeskea
Feb 23
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Mule
Feb 23
Bushfire Relief Fundraiser Matinee Show (2-7pm)
w/ The Lizards, All In, Tunnel Vision, Sobaka, Hurricane & The Munch
Feb 24
Acoustic Residency Super Mega Death Spiral (duo)
w/ Erin Mo & Josh Tresize
Feb 25
Cranker Comedy
Feb 26
Rat Tamango
w/ Somnium
Feb 27
Mom Jeans (USA) Australian Tour 2020
w/ The Lazy Susans + More TBA
Feb 28
Void Of Vision (Melb)
w/ Diamond Construct
Feb 29
Heinous Crimes Album Launch
w/ Baby Candy & OKO
Mar 01
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Sunee Holland, Gene Phoa & Alexander Black
Mar 02
Jimmy Bay Acoustic Residency
w/ guests
Mar 03
Cranker Comedy *250th Show!*
Mar 04
St Bride
w/ Isekai & Copious Dribble
Mar 05
Main Street Light Parade
w/ Mersey Sports Club & Ghosthread
Mar 06
Peach Fur
w/ Don't Bring Stacey & Ghost Thief
Mar 07
Going Steady DJs
Mar 08
Front Bar Acoustic
w/ Kemp Brothers, Paris & Shivon & Ant Palms
Mar 09
Jimmy Bay Acoustic Residency
w/ guests
Mar 10
Cranker Comedy
Mar 11
w/ Apache & Rich Povos
Mar 12
Mar 13
Ebonivory (Vic) X Glass Ocean (Syd)
w/ Heartline & Sui Generis
Mar 14
The Brave (QLD) 'The Break Out Tour'
w/ Sleep Talk, Bad/Love & To Octavia
Mar 15
Front Bar Acousitc
Little Mountain w/ Guests
Mar 16
Jimmy Bay Acoustic Residency
w/ guests
Mar 17
Cranker Comedy
Mar 18
w/ Copious Dribble, Maisie & Muckspout
Mar 19
w/ Public Address, The Condos & Nuclear Family
Mar 20
Yomaez EP Launch
w/ Kafetti & Zac Eichner
Mar 21
Empty Threats 'Two Dollar' Single Launch
w/ Big Town, Baby Candy & Placement
Mar 22
Front Bar Acoustic
James Dawes w/ Guests
Mar 23
Jimmy Bay Acoustic Residency
w/ guests
Mar 24
Cranker Comedy
Mar 25
Oscar The Wild
w/ Diamond Skies, Erin Mo & Mel Pier
Mar 26
Wolf & Chain
w/ Loaded Billy & Wicked Empire
Mar 27
Silverchair Tribute Show
Mar 28
Raccoon City Police Department
w/ World Sick, Colourblind & Wold and Chain
Mar 29
Front Bar Acoustic
Victor Cripes
Mar 30
Jimmy Bay Acoustic Residency
w/ guests
Mar 31
Cranker Comedy
Apr 12
Paula Standing with Sunee Holland
Apr 12
The Go Set - Of Bright Futures and Broken Pasts Tour
w/ The Sweet Blues / Ukulele Death Squad
Apr 13
Cranker Comedy
Featuring: Scott Stunz | Kevin Kopfstein | Plus: Gav Beyer | Ron Diggity-Dawg | Lukey Baker | Steve Davis | Sammy Showtime | Henry Wilson | Laura Rose | Peter Salerno | Nick Harris | Ross Voss
Apr 15
Weekend Rage w/ LOLA & Glasseye Parlour
Apr 16
Apr 17
Apr 18
Jemma Nicole w/ Little Panacea
Apr 19
Paula Standing w/ Emma Jayne
Apr 20
Cranker Comedy
Featuring: Brad Hollis | Michael Connell | Plus: Tosh Glenn | Natalie Lucia | JP | Curly | Little T | Todd Gray | Zack Southern | Tom Mafyoos | Patrick Gilbert | Ross Voss
Apr 23
Idly By, Pelvis, Eli & the Truth
Apr 26
Paula Standing with Jack Robins
Apr 27
Cranker Comedy
Featuring: Steve Copley | Steve Sheehan | Plus: Bill Egan | Kim Le | Jackson Grant | Justin Sorre | Cecilia Ronson | JRod | Josh Biggs | Clay McMath | Michael Katsambis | Ross Voss
Apr 30
May 01
The Grogans
2 Shows - 7PM (SOLD OUT) & 10PM
May 02
Sunee Holland, Chris Larsson, Jai Cafarella
May 03
Isaac Thomas
w/ Guests
May 06
w/ Special Guests Lola & Witch Hunt
May 07
RedHook - Bad Decisions Tour
w/ Wolf & Chain
May 08
Kitchen Witch + Sons Of Zoku + The Vains
May 09
My Cherie, Alexander Black & Twin Decoy
May 10
Isaac Thomas
w/ Guests
May 13
Knight Over Day
w/ Clover and Struth
May 14
THE MUNCH - Insect Single Launch
May 15
w/ Syntropy
May 16
River Bigby & Aiden Jazzy Jones
May 17
Isaac Thomas
w/ Guests
May 20
Haystacks Calhoun
w/ Cliff Racer & Codger
May 21
Hey Harriet
w/ Supersonic Tumbleweed & Mums Favourite
May 22
Concrete Surfers 'Driving Tour'
w/ Frankie Sunwagon & Witch Hunt
May 23
Calum McRae & Katie Pomery
Free in the front bar
May 24
Isaac Thomas
w/ Guests
May 27
Blind Coyote
w/ Diamond Skies & Kotara
May 28
Baby Candy, Made & YO
May 29
Life Pilot / Tiersman/ SwordfishTrombone
May 30
Gwyn Ashton (UK)
Free Entry
May 31
Isaac Thomas
w/ Guests
Jun 03
LOLA "Fuck It" Single Launch
w/ Lickity Split & Clover
Jun 04
w/ Agapanther, Sports Car & Mum Friends
Jun 05
MUMS FAVOURITE "Jewellery Box" Single Launch
w/ Frankie Sunwagon & Micki Jane
Jun 06
Sam Upton, Mersey Sports Club (acoustic) & Brie Ryan
Jun 07
Frets Patrick
w/ Dieter Horvat
Jun 10
Jun 11
w/ Shatter Brain & Sundowner
Jun 12
w/ Twine & Purr
Jun 13
Ruben Reeves & Aidan J Jones
Free entry
Jun 14
Frets Patrick
w/ Aimee Volkofsky
Jun 17
The Isolators & The Shambollocks
$5 at the door
Jun 18
SUPERDOSE GANGWAY "Chess" Single Launch
w/ Halliday, Sines & Rose Closeau
Jun 19
THE VELVET CLUB "Everything's Changing" Tour
w/ Choosing Sides & Mums Favourite
Jun 21
Frets Patrick
w/ Oliver Kabbani
Jun 21
Running With Scissors
w/ Declan & Lily Rose
Jun 25
Sturt Ave
w/ Eli & The Truth & City Fleet
Jun 26
Jess Johns
Jun 28
Frets Patrick
w/ Jimmy Bay