Mar 01
A Place To Bury Strangers (USA)
w/ Flyying Colours
Mar 02
Life After Football (Syd)
w/ Tiersman and No Oaths
Mar 03
Ryan Martin John
Mar 04
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 05
Cranker Comedy
Mar 06
w/ Shaman Eyes & Max Headroom
Mar 07
The Dark Seeds Nick Cave Tribute
w/ Choosing Sides
Mar 08
Clove (VIC) 'GLOW' single launch
W/ guests
Mar 09
Bugs (Bris) 'Sweetener' Tour
w/ Pemberton
Mar 10
Modern Life is War (USA)
w/ Homesick
Mar 11
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 12
Cranker Comedy
Mar 13
w/ Fake Nature, Cosmic Shepherd
Mar 14
The Tommyhawks (WA)
w/ Black Bats (Vic), The Brothers Goon and Saucy Paws
Mar 15
Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters (Bris) Album Launch
w/ The Iron Triangle
Mar 16
My Disco
w/ Sow Discord & Eyes More Skull Than Eyes
Mar 17
Bill Meegan
Mar 18
The Ruiins Single Launch
w/ Rat Ta'Mango & Stacy Says
Mar 19
Cranker Comedy
Mar 20
Sleepy Lizard
w/ Something to Rescue & Mellow Yellow
Mar 21
Flat Moon Society
w/ Soda & The Smocks
Mar 22
The Empty Threats
w/ It's A Hoax & Blush Response
Mar 23
Full Tone Generator (Melb)
w/ Heinous Crimes, The Straight-Jacket Tailors and Howl n Bones
Mar 24
Jared Grimm
w/ Lachy Bruce & Cahli Blakers
Mar 25
Ricky Albeck and Friends
Mar 26
Cranker Comedy
Mar 27
w/ Paper Sunsets & Burjon
Mar 28
Free From Burden
w/ Memory Castles & Runaway Jetpack
Mar 29
Sasquatch (USA)
w/ Acid Wolf & MAMMOTH
Mar 30
w/ FOLEY, Sincerely Grizzly, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, Dilettantes, Apparition, Last Days of Kali & Broken Tether Church Moms
Mar 31
w/ The Sea Thieves & Jessica Johns
Apr 01
Staff Bash
beers, beers, beers!
Apr 02
Cranker Comedy
Apr 03
Treehouse Casino
w/ Soda & Glowing (debut)
Apr 04
w/ The Real Mac & The Midnight Divide
Apr 05
Sleep Talk
w/ Colourblind & Dress Code
Apr 06
Adrian Eagle (A.O.K Tour)
w/ guests
Apr 07
Cast Down (EP Launch)
w/ 23/19, Death Twitch, Warpath & Vile
Apr 08
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 09
Cranker Comedy
Apr 10
w/ Urban Youth & Rotary Art Show
Apr 11
1000 Mods (GREECE)
w/ Filthy Lucre & Kitchen Witch
Apr 12
Cosmo Thundercat
w/ Banjo Jackson
Apr 13
The Mercy Kills
w/ Bathawk & Tough Boys
Apr 14
Jack & The Box
w/ Rapscallion, Isaac Thomas
Apr 15
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 16
Cranker Comedy
Apr 17
Jack And The Box
w/ Baron Von Doodle, Leaf & Stem
Apr 18
Pagan (The Evil Eye Tour)
w/ She's the band & Dilettantes
Apr 19
Horror My Friend
w/ Blush Response, Ricky Albeck & The Belair Band & Teenage Joans
Apr 20
Bakers Eddy (Melb)
w/ Bad Juju (Melb) & Teenage Joans
Apr 21
Cahli Blakers
w/ guests
Apr 22
Oliver Kabbani
w/ guests
Apr 23
Cranker Comedy
Apr 24
The Midnight Divide
w/ Free From Burden & Jettison
Apr 25
No Basis
w/ Guests
Apr 26
Totally Unicorn (Syd)
w/ Arse & Tiersman
Apr 27
Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows
w/ The Dunes & More
Apr 28
Matt HIll (Ghyti)
w/ Lucy Zola & Mark Curtis
Apr 29
Oliver Kabbani
w/ Guests
Apr 30
Cranker Comedy